Legal Insurance Protection

Legal Insurance Protection 

Ashfords Employment Solution provides Legal Insurance Protection through a third party insurer. This will cover a generous range of legal disputes that can arise from your day-to-day business activities offering balance sheet protection. The cover includes:

  • Employment Protection and Compensation Awards: This provides protection from disputes with past, present or prospective employees, including payment of legal costs and compensation awards.
  • Employment Restrictive Covenants: If a dispute arises with your employee or ex-employee from their breach of a restrictive covenant you are able to seek financial remedy or damages.

Claims Examples

Below are some examples of claims that our current insurer, ARAG, have assisted with:

  • An employee dismissed on the grounds of gross misconduct was claiming for unfair dismissal, despite not appealing the dismissal within the given time. ARAG instructed an employment solicitor who helped the company to get the claim dismissed. ARAG then settled the solicitor's fees of £2,500
  • ARAG helped a company facing unfair dismissal, whistleblowing and disability discrimination claims reach an out of court commercial settlement. Following some negotiation, an offer of £17,000 was made and accepted, with £14,700 met by ARAG.
  • ARAG worked with a company who had dismissed an employee on the ground of redundancy. The company was keen to explore settlement options rather than respond to the dismissed employees claim in the Employment Tribunal. Initially, the dismissed employees suggested £35,000 and the case finally settled at £15,000. ARAG met the costs of £38,094.

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